Sunday, March 21, 2010


somewhere in my wedding research i ran across this article and while i'm not getting married in anyone's backyard (though i totally would if i had the chance) i did fall in love with one idea in the article: the cookie buffet. (picture left from article linked)
as indicated in the article, this means TONS of work. basically, you spend a month making all the cookie dough... wrapping it, freezing it, etc. and then days before the wedding, the baking begins. since i'm not much of a baker, i've decided to take the next 9-12 months to test cookies. basically, i find a recipe in a book, magazine, online, from a friend, whatever and mix up the dough. half of the dough goes in the freezer, half gets baked and eaten. I have one cookie recipe that i have perfected that i know freezes well. it's a basic chocolate chip cookie, and i'm thinking i can get a few different types of cookies out of it, just by changing the "chips" that go in it. butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, toffee chips, are just a few options.
this weekend i tested two recipes, chocolate cookie w/ m&ms (from dec 2009 food network  magazines 50 holiday cookies classic chocolate cookie- i just added the m&ms) and toasted coconut dark chocolate chunk cookies (from april 2010 cooking light magazine). If you want either of these recipes, let me know.
the chocolate cookies with m&ms are pretty good. i'm not huge on chocolate, so i'm probably not the best judge. the man said they were good, and gobbled down the cookies i gave him. now the toasted coconut dark chocolate chunk cookies... i'm pretty sure they were sent from heaven above and kissed by an angel. these things are DELISH! i love coconut and dark chocolate, so they are already winners for me. after mixing up the dough, it was a struggle to get these cookies in the oven because i was ready to risk salmonella and shovel the raw dough straight into my mouth. with a little willpower, i baked the cookies and the results were YUMMTASTIC! i'm already excited that i have a half batch in the freezer, and really crossing my fingers that they bake well from frozen dough. 
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also, i'm still on the lookout for more cookie recipes. if you have a favorite you'd like to throw my way, shoot me an email!


  1. Mmm...chocolate chips and toffee sound really good together. :-)

    YAY! I'm so glad you're doing this blog so I can keep up with the wedding planning.

  2. Please let it be known, that I am available for cookie tastings anytime =)

  3. char, please come get these cookies!!! seriously, this is actually a really challenging project. I'm working out and trying to eat right yet i have these scrumptious cookies calling my name. i need one cookie, then i need them to be gone!

    adriane, i totally agree. i <3 toffee and chocolate together. that's on my list.

  4. How many dozens of cookies are you talking about making days before the wedding? and are you making all these cookies yourself or will you be getting help from other people (ovens). Seems like a huge undertaking. Remember you are suppose to be relaxed before your big day.. not running around doing work.