Monday, March 8, 2010

wait, it costs what?!?!?!

The day after getting engaged to my lovely fiance, I headed right to borders to purchase a wedding planning book in hopes of getting some direction. Honestly, just standing in front of the shelves of books, I felt so overwhelmed that I asked the man if we could just elope. A guy nearby advised him to take me up on my offer while I had it on the table. Frustrated and confused, we left borders three books (that's $60 I'll never get back). Basically what I've learned from these books is this: When planning a wedding, anyone and everyone will try their best to milk you for every penny they can.
The average wedding in the US costs $20,000. TWENTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!
20G could pay for a ford focus and 15 wii game systems
or 700 pedicures
or a cupcake a day for the next 21 years
or half a TON of manchego cheese!!!
Knowing that there's no way in the world I could ever justify dropping 20K on one day of my life, I set out on a mission to not only plan a wedding and keep my sanity but also to figure out every way we could cut costs without sacrificing class and quality.

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