Wednesday, June 23, 2010

this is why i need to live in a building with a doorman...

This is what sits behind me at my desk at work. 20+ pounds of wedding supplies! they're sitting here patiently waiting to be picked up in the car this weekend and driven home. all those boxes=centerpieces.
we weren't going to even have centerpieces, but the man saw something at hobby lobby that the thought was funny/cute. we bought ONE. thinking, we'd put it on the cupcake table. well, somehow it was decided that we needed them for each of our 10 tables. we hit hobby lobby again and cleaned them out. sent my sister in texas on hobby lobby searches too. 3 hobby lobby's cleaned out of this particular item. then of course we had to order the glass bowls in which to accommodate these items. that's what hiding in the huge boxes. 10 giant glass bowls!

as previously mentioned, all invites are out and we're starting to get our RSVPs back, slowly but surely. the man gets all giddy when we get an RSVP- it's cute. it's also quite funny that people we were pretty much 100% thinking they weren't coming have RSVPed with a yes. like i told the man- you can never count anyone out. our website is up and running too simple, practical and functional. no friggin slide show of 38945039845039 photos of us (though if you request one be sent to you personally, i could perhaps arrange that)

the projects currently on deck are a card box, cupcake stands and cookies. we bought partial supplies for all of these last weekend. the dining room looks like a wreck. why do i have a feeling that the apartment will be in complete disarray until somewhere around mid-september?!?!
as far as the cookies go... i'm going with chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies (still have yet to find a recipe for this) and some toasted coconut cookies.  i may throw a few other choices into the mix, but i'm trying to keep it basic. i've got killer recipes for 3 of the 4 above. tested and approved!
i'm not looking forward to all the space this dough is going to take up in my freezer, and i'm praying it's cool come august when i have to bake them all in like a day!

lastly we got our first present from our registry! YAY! i didn't really expect much off the registry (we originally weren't even going to do one!) since we weren't having a shower. though, apparently now we are. as of yesterday i was asked for names and addresses. so i guess it's a good thing we went ahead and registered. of course, the 20% off coupon for buying whatever is left on the registry after the wedding is reason enough to do it. HELLO discount! i am a fan.

i'll leave you now with a completely unrelated announcement. as of today... i have officially lost all the pounds i gained since i started dating the man! it was a LOT! but they're gone... never to return again! YAY!

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