Wednesday, July 7, 2010

dare i say it... things are coming along swimmingly!

we're 45 days out and things are coming along... SO FAR (don't want to jinx myself!)
lets see, what have we (read: *I*) accomplished lately:

- wedding shoes purchased: they arrived today. super cute and comfie. i can't wait for the wedding to be over so i can wear them on a regular basis!
- tested a sugar cookie recipe... froze dough, and tested the baking post freezing over the weekend. cookies got a hearty thumbs up.
- mixed up and froze a batch of chocolate chip cookies
-ordered necklace for wedding
-purchased box for our card box: craft project
-purchased foam board for cupcake stand: bigger craft project

i think that's about it. i've got some shopping planned for the weekend in hopes of making progress with the above mentioned craft projects. i'll take photos and post about that later (i know... you can't wait!)

we're steadily getting RSVPs in. the YES responses for the party in texas have already exceeded what i expected and the responses for illinois and still going strong. oohhh... and we recieved our first wedding gift from our registry! it was pretty exciting, i'll admit. the really amusing part is that it is from a couple that i really don't even know. they are my step dad's cousins. he swears i met them like... 15 years ago. i told him he was crazy for inviting them, because why would they care that i'm getting married. apparently, they care! they've already sent a gift and an RSVP, don't i feel dumb now. ha!  i'm kinda excited to "meet them" and thank them in person!

lastly... some of the man's friends (well, i guess they're MY friends too lol) are throwing us a co-ed shower in a few weeks. i honestly didn't anticipate having one, since i won't be back to texas before the wedding so the shower that would have been thrown by my family and MOH won't be happening. since we sped everything up, i honestly wasn't even going to register. of course, just about everyone under the sun set me straight on that! it's kind of exciting... a party thrown for us! however, i find it sooooo awkward opening gifts in front of people. i even feel slightly weird at christmas. i don't know why... but i guess i'll get over it.

45 days and counting!


  1. Ugh, I feel the same way about opening gifts. It's like you're on display. I always made Shaun come to the showers and sit up there with me, opening presents as well. Kinda took SOME of the "pressure" off of me to perform, "Oh, I *love* it (WTF is it?), and I can't wait to use it (LMAO, it's a piece of crap!)." You get the idea. LOL!

  2. it'll be fun because you can do it together! plus, you get stuff that you actually wanted..i didn't want to register but everyone made me, and boy am i glad i did!

    i'm workin' on kanga bangas...will write about them when i get the courage to try them!