Saturday, June 11, 2011

and so it begins...

T minus a month and a half until moving day, and your obsessive compulsive goddess here has already begun the packing process. I admit, I'm pretty much a packing nazi. I'm in the business of packing and purging.  The thought of having junk around the house that we haven't touched in over a year, packing said junk, and moving it to another house makes me itch. I do a little each day so it isn't overwhelming and in 6 weeks it is all done. Of course, the downside to this process is having a room in your house that looks like this:
And it only gets worse from here on out. actually... I took this photo two days ago and it's already worse today! Luckily, we sold our dining room table on craigslist this past week, since we're upgrading, so the room is a wide open space. Unfortunately, it's a wide open space through which we have to walk to get to the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. But, it's a small sacrifice to make for 6 weeks to have a perfectly organized move, right? RIGHT?

Wanna take a closer look at the piles? Of course you do! 

I picked up these cushions for the new patio furniture. I love the bright colors and patterns. Our decor indoors tends to be a bit for muted, so I wanted bright bold colors outside. I even found a matching drink bucket:
Note the bright colorful place mat/napkin set I found last week. Seriously, it's going to be like bold colors puked all over the patio, and it's going to be awesome!
Though, we'll likely leave the Tiffany candle sticks indoors (a wedding present from work, I don't typically shop for home decor at Tiffany's).

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