Sunday, June 5, 2011

Texas, our Texas... all hail the mighty state.

Texas our Texas, so wonderful, so great!!!
Those of you not from Texas probably didn't read the title while singing, as you're unaware of the rocking Texas state song. if you're interested, I personally like this kid's dramatic interpretation:

Okay, now that I'm done with my patriotism, lets move on to the subject at hand. A month or so ago, I while scouring pinterest for anything of interest, I ran across some pins that really caught my eye.
I believe this particular pin linked to an etsy shop... however I pinned a few variations of this, all linking to general locations. So basically, I'm pretty sure I'm not stealing one person's idea here. 
I picked up some paint, canvas and brushes at hobby lobby and searched the internet for a silhouette of Texas, which really wasn't difficult at all to find. Since I didn't have any cardstock on hand, I printed it on regular paper, taped it only a manilla envelope and cut out the shape then decided where to place it on the canvas.

Once I picked a spot, I taped it down to the canvas and began to paint around it.

Once done, I carefully removed the Texas from my canvas.

I painted the sides of the canvas, and ended up putting a second coat of paint on it. When all was dry here was my result:
I haven't decided if I'll add a heart shaped pin around the location of Houston... or if I'll pin it in some other way. I do plan to make an Illinois version of the same thing to represent where the hubs is from. I think they'll be cute side by side in our new place! 

Anyone else out there have anything they've recreated from pinterest? or any art projects like this? 

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  1. Dammit, I just lost my comment. Trying again...

    I love it, but my vote is to add the heart. Represent H-town, yo!