Tuesday, August 16, 2011

so much to do... so little time

Seriously... the to-do list for the new place is L-O-N-G and I hate the feeling of not being settled, so I want it all done NOW! I admit, we've knocked out quite a bit so far...

Change bathroom fixtures:

replace both toilet seats
change both sink fixtures
½ bath towel bar replaced with towel ring
replace lighting strips
replace towel bar in upstairs bath
add 2nd towel bar upstairs
add towel hooks on bathroom door upstairs
replace tp holders

paint LR- accent wall and adjacent walls- touch ups needed
Paint bedroom walls Touch ups needed
paint dining room/kitchen
paint guest bedroom
paint upstairs bathroom
paint ½ bath
paint stairway to upstairs
paint stairway to basement
paint man cave

Master bedroom:
Add wall quote to wall
Hang photos
replace closet door knobs

Guest bedroom:
buy screws and replace knobs for closets
select photos for wall buy frames
hang poster (buy frame)
redo nightstand w/map

Stair way:
apply wall quote "M" to wall
hang photos

Living room:
curtains: fabric has been purchased, so it's like 1/2 done!  
knobs for closet
new end table
throw pillows: fabric has been purchased, so it's like 1/2 done!
clean upholstery on sofas
hang photos

hang decor
wine bottle/candle project
hang blinds over patio door
purchase spice racks

So it looks like a lot, right? It's overwhelming when I stare at the list. But, when I look closely, it's mostly just painting and decorating and that just takes time (especially since I keep changing my mind! oops!). I'm thinking the best course of action is just to start with one room, and do a little each day. I think I'll pick the guest room... maybe I'll do some painting tonight!

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