Sunday, March 13, 2011

craftastic weekend!

First off all, I took Friday off in order to get into the eye doctor. If you've checked out my 2011 bucket list you'd know this was on my list of things to do this year. I haven't been to the eye doctor in over 6 years (oops) and I've been putting it off  since I moved to Chicago. My eye doctor in Texas was a jerk and totally made the experience horrible, plus the air eye puff thing. HATE! However, I am pleased to report that I had an appointment Friday, loved my doctor (she lives at the end of my block!) and picked out some super sassy frames. strike one off the list!
Now, on to the more interesting points of my post... this weekend was pretty craftastic! I've been working on this cork board for the dining room. I have hundreds of wine corks and I've been tossing around different ideas of how to use the corks. The hubs and i picked up a big backless frame from hobby lobby, a piece of backing and a hot glue gun. It was a huge pain in the behind, I removed and reapplied and even had to troubleshoot but I finally finished it today and the man hung it in the dining room.

Last month, as my monthly present to my husband, I bought him Paper White Bulbs. You might be saying "yeah, sure... you bought the bulbs for HIM" but seriously, the man loves plants. He'd turn this place into a jungle if I let him. Oddly, you think this would lead him to buy more flowers for me... but alas that is not so. Anyway, I bought paper white bulbs, which can grow in water and in doors. From what I've read, people use them during winter to get a spring-ish feel but I figured I'd  get them and try them now anyway. I put together the bulbs as instructed and here's what it looks like now:

hopefully in just a few weeks, it'll look more like this:
 photo from

Lastly, I've been itching for a custom lamp ever since I fell in love with bright colorful lampshade I saw in a local store (and maybe also a little because I hate the lamp we have in the living room, it came with the hubs and isn't my style). I read a lot about recovering lamp shades and making custom lamp shades and thought I'd give it a try. I bought some fabric a few weeks back, but put off the project. 
Today, the man ran to target to get a few things for the house and came back with this:

It's just a plain $15 cheap lamp from Target. Oddly enough, I saw the same lamp on Friday when I was there but decided not to buy it since I was already picking up the panini pan from my last post. Luckily, it caught his eye as well and he brought it home for me to "practice" making a custom lamp. Score!
I found my fabric, spray adhesive and hot glue gun and whined enough that Rodney gave in and ironed my fabric for me (I can't iron to save my life. seriously. can't.) and I got to work. A few minutes of work and VIOLA!
there's my colorful, fun custom lamp! and here it is in it's happy home:

I have to say that I love it. It has inspired some redecorating in the living room. I hope to take on throw pillows for the living room. Hopefully I can find some great fabric in the blue/greens and beige tones that I can tie into the lamp and we'll store the throw pillows that are currently on the couch. Of course this means I either have to 1. learn to sew or 2. bribe a friend who sews. For now I'm thinking the latter is the way to go.  Stay Tuned!

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