Tuesday, March 1, 2011

how's married life?

It seems like at least once a week someone asks me "how's married life?" and i never really know how to answer this question. i mean, they aren't asking how I am, or about MY life in general but specifically about my married life. I feel like i should either be exclaiming how wonderful it is and how i can't imagine life any other way, or perhaps lamenting and discussing how hard it is. but instead, what i really feel is, married life is the same as non-married life, except now i have a longer name and an extra ring. nothing has really changed and i can't help but wonder, is it supposed to???
I've always wondered why people were in a hurry to get married. I've heard girls utter "i just can't wait to be mrs. *boys name here*" or "i really just want to be married already!" From my experience thus far, and granted i'm only 6 months into this, there's no sense in rushing because nothing magical or amazing happens. don't get me wrong, i love my husband and wouldn't trade him for anything but life isn't mystically better because we have a marriage license.
Actually, i take that back. there is a big difference where taxes are concerned. i never paid much attention when people talk about the tax benefits of being married. WHOA! i honestly was shocked when we did our taxes. i even felt a little guilty for getting such a major tax break just for being married. single people get screwed where taxes are concerned. so, if all those girls were talking about how the couldn't wait to get married for the tax benefits, then i apologize for judging them. 
anyway, point is, i feel as if my answer is always a let down to those asking. people want to hear some great newlywed story of amazing bliss or difficult adjustments,etc. but the truth is, nothing has really changed... and honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I remember getting that question all the time, too. Of course, when I got pregnant, the line of questioning changed. Still, it's annoying, and I can't help but feel people need to find new questions to ask. You know, like, "How are YOU?" Do they really want to hear all about newlywed sex, or how the most exciting part of your day (some days) is deciding what to have for dinner? LOL! SUPER exciting conversations to be had there! :-P

    Agree - tax benefits are awesome. Doubly awesome when you have a kid, and triply (?) awesome when only one member of your family works (me) while the other goes to get some higher book learnin'. (Although...I'd be willing to give that extra $3000 in return back to have Shaun's old salary back. Sigh.)

    Oh, and PLEASE enable your email. Do you get these comments via email? If so, since my email is enabled, you can just reply back to this comment via email. So much easier that way. :-)

  2. P.S. I'm digging your new blog format.