Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Questions

To all my married friends, I have a question on how you do things. and to my single friends, I'd like your opinions...

Once you're married... do you still celebrate the anniversary of your first date?

The man and i were discussing this... the anniversary of our first date (03/06/08) is coming up this weekend and we usually do a little something to celebrate. but we're married, so what do we do now?!?!

to me, the anniversary of our first date seems more special. i mean, that's when it all started, right?
i suppose getting married is a pretty big deal too, however if you attended our wedding/one of our "celebrations" you know we didn't go all out and over the top by any means.

obviously, we can celebrate or not however we choose, but i was just curious to find out what y'all think!

1 comment:

  1. Shaun and I only celebrate our wedding anniversary (5 years, next Friday!). We still talk about and mention the date of our first date (Nov. 14, 2003), but we don't really "celebrate" it much...