Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm not above sharing

I'm currently trying to come up with a great way to organize all my favorite tried a true recipes. I don't use recipes too often but there are some cases when proportions have to be just right, such as baked goods or I simply need a reminder because it's not something I make to often. So, while I try and figure out the best way to put this together, box? book? who knows!, I decided to add a Recipe Tab with a few of my favorites. I'll be adding to it (and hopefully finding a better way to organize it) from time to time, so check it out.

We're making it a mission to try at least two new recipes a month at home, so hopefully I'll have more yummtastic things to share! And since the man has given me the go ahead to buy wonderful contraption:
image from

which, btw, I've been dying to get for months. I already know several ways in which we can use it (grilled cheese, quesadillas, naan, bacon) but rest assured I'll be trying to think of other wonderful things to cook to prove it does deserve a place in our already overcrowded kitchen. Have an idea? send it my way!

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  1. Here's an idea: try out and post a few vegetarian recipes once in a while! :-)