Thursday, April 7, 2011

just in case you were wondering

The paperwhites haven't taken over the house yet... but they are still growing at a alarming rate. Please excuse the poor picture quality, I took these with my blackberry.
Keep in mind, I put these bulbs in water less than 1 month ago!

photo taken two days ago

photo from this morning

As you can see, they've started to bloom. Luckily they aren't super fragrant, because honestly... they stink. I was excited for the appearance of the first flower, I stuck my nose right into the bloom and inhaled. It sorta smells like petrol or oil or something equally not nice. But, as I said before, they aren't really fragrant, so I can't smell them unless I'm sticking my nose up-close, which I no longer do.

I had two extra bulbs from my original order so I brought them into the office last week. They are growing significantly slower than these that we have at home, yet still fast enough to creep out my boss. ha! I'm really not sure what possed me to bring them in here. I'm giving them an advantage over me... and now, they outnumber me. When they take over the world, I'm pretty much screwed.

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