Monday, April 25, 2011

someone stop us, please!

We have a small obsession with collecting living things. We're not collecting children like the Duggars, nor are we crazy cat people. It's just me, the hubs and the rotten dog... and our 983405983045 plants. That's right kids, we're a bit obsessed with growing greenery. Let me introduce you to the family...

 First up... the oldest and largest of the plants: Johnny

I've had Johnny for roughly 10 years. He started out in a small pot that was maybe 6 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. He's been cut back and replanted at least half a dozen times and the legacy of Johnny lives not only here in Chicago and even back in Texas. As you can see, he's in need of yet another cut back.

We have a spawn of Johnny hanging out in the kitchen. It's actually a replant that I gave to my husband when he moved into his new apartment a few years ago before we lived together.

We have two other ivys in the house... I'm not entirely sure where they came from. I believe one came from the funeral of my husband's grandfather. He's not growing so wonderfully... but we're not giving up!
the other, I believe, may be one of Johnny's kids?

We tend to pick up unique plants, Ikea always seems to have something a little different like these guys. 

The first is a dessert rose, the second? I have no idea. It's something I've never seen before, the individual trunks and leaves certainly make it look a bit tropical. 
Of course, nothing says tropical like the new palm tree the hubs picked up last weekend:

Adding to the tropical feel, we've got this great colorful plant called a Croton (yay! the hubs remembers what this one is!). As I'm thinking about it now... I think it really should be hanging out with the palm tree, so maybe we've got a rearrange coming. 


One of my favorite plants is currently residing in the kitchen window (we've seriously just run out of well lit space!) I have no idea what it is, and the hubs can't remember either. The leaves are just so thick, it sort of reminds me of a succulent. 

Speaking of succulents, I've recently become obsessed and am collecting in order to put together a diverse succulent/cactus garden. Right now, they're all living in the dining room in a bit of a haphazard arrangement that I call "succulent row" 

 Up close and personal: 

I love how they all have such different and unique shapes. They're like little works of art. Best of all, they require little maintenance. Apparently, they thrive when they aren't really given much attention at all.  Right now, they're all in the pots with which they were purchased. When I finally find the perfect planter, they'll be consolidated into one or two containers. 

We usually have fresh flowers on the dining room table, but the fresh tulips we had just died, but we just picked up a flower bag to hang on the deck 
Normally we have multiple deck rail flower baskets, but since we're moving during the summer, we opted not to go crazy with flowers this year.
Lastly, we've got the edible plants! I love love love fresh herbs, and am growing my two most commonly used herbs; basil and cilantro.

I can't wait to have the fresh herbs at my fingertips instead of having to pick up a bunch at the store or farmers market. 

Lastly, since we don't have the space for a garden, I've decided to give the Topsy Turvey a try. Several friends have had great luck with it. I bought two and plan to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. I haven't assembled it yet, since we just picked up everything yesterday, and we have to purchase a few more hooks for the deck, but come this weekend we should be on our way to fresh produce!

Right now, the man has his eye set on a fern to hang in the sunroom across from Johnny. We have a spare hook since the bridal veil plant we kept indoors during the winter too a turn for the worse. 

Hopefully, we can restrain ourselves and not add to the family until we move and know what space we're dealing with.Though, if we could find some small plants that don't need much light then we may be able to adopt more... we shall see!

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