Friday, April 22, 2011

new obsession

There was a lot of talk about Pinterest... I went to the website and requested an account. nothing happened. for weeks.
Today, I got tired of waiting... I am nothing if not impatient. The fact that I've waiting almost 3 weeks says a lot. Why won't they let me join in? Why can't I pin too? I went to facebook, found their app page and requested an invite. Within 30 seconds, another pinterest user had sent me an invite... and off I went.

I haven't even been pinning for a full 24 hours and suddenly I have 394058304934534 ideas floating around in my head. I'm currently waiting for my husband to pick me up so we can head to his parents for the weekend. Guess what he's going to hear about during hour 1.5-2 hour car ride? If you guessed those aforementioned 394058304934534 ideas... you are right!

check out my pinterest page:
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