Wednesday, April 6, 2011

which one of these is not like the other?

a view of our top shelf in the bathroom...
which two items just don't seem like they belong?

Last month, I posted about going green (you can read that here.) and part of the process involved making my own facial cleanser with Castor Oil and Sunflower Oil. It's called the Oil Cleansing Method. Which, sounds crazy right? Cleaning your face with OIL? Sounds totally ick! I read several articles and, ya know what? it actually makes sense. When I considered my own personal struggle with trying to keep my skin moisturized and in a state that doesn't make me want to scratch it off my face, I figured that I'd tried everything else I could think of, spent hundreds of bucks on different cleansers and moisturizers... what did I really have to lose by slathering oil on my face?
I'm going on day 10 of the oil cleansing method (I admit to opting for my regular cleanser 2 times as I was in a rush) and I have to say; it's pretty good! The process takes a big more time than a normal session of face cleansing, but it's worth it. Since I have dry skin, my current combo is 1 part Castor oil and 2.5 parts sunflower oil. I'm going to add a bit more sunflower oil because I erred on the side of too little for fear of breakouts. (hey, I was skeptical!) I take a small amount of oil and gently massage it into my face and neck. The oils take away eye makeup with ease, even waterproof mascara! You can rub it over your eyes and eyelashes and even open your eyes with the oil still there and there's no burn or irritation. After massaging the oils in, I wait a minute or so and then lay a hot clean washcloth over my face and let it steam. Once the cloth is cool, I wipe my face to remove oils and impurities, rinse the cloth and repeat.  With this method, I no longer need a separate eye makeup remover or moisturizer, everything is in one! And the cost? Castor oil was about $3 and the sunflower oil ran about $4.  Way less expensive than a normal facial cleanser, plus, this lasts so much longer! Plus, there's the satisfaction in knowing that I'm not covering my face in chemicals and stripping my skin of it's natural oils. Dare I say that maybe something so natural will delay the onset of wrinkles?!?! SCORE, SCORE and SCORE!!!

Has anyone else tried this method? or something similar? I'd be interested to hear about your experience.

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